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April 2024 Sausage Supper


On June 2nd we will be having a picture taken of our church members after the church service for the 225th Anniversary Book. Also, after the church member picture is taken, we will be taking pictures of each church team.

Teams are: Church Council, Choir, Prayer Shawl Ministry, S.E.R.V.E., LCW, Worship Team, Anniversary Team, Property Team, and Learning Ministry. We are hoping for a great turnout for this day! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melody Hinderer.


Join us on Sundays @ 8:45 am in the Meeting Room.  Our new study “Living in the Light” by Dr. David Jeremiah focuses on the book of First John and is one of the most simple, yet profound, texts in the Bible on walking in the light - and in true fellowship with God through Jesus Christ.  Dr. Jeremiah brings out the heart of John’s message: Salvation is not found in hidden, secret knowledge, but is found in the light of Christ, revealed and manifested in loving God and loving each other.

Come join us!   Prepare your heart, open your mind, and start your day with GOD's messages! Open to anyone.... bring a friend!

Attention all members of St John’s Lutheran Church


6261 Presentation by Deacon Kat Tigerman

on June 23, 2024

Our synod has developed a plan to help with the shortage of pastors in our synod.

The program the synod has developed is called 6261.

To define 6261:

6 congregations, 2 Full Time Pastors, 6 Lay Persons, 1 Deacon

Deacon Kat Tigerman has agreed to come to St. John’s on June 23rd to lead our church service.

After the service, lunch will be served, followed by a 20 – 30 minute presentation By Deacon Tigerman on 6261.

Why, you may ask, do you need to attend?

A special congregation meeting will be called (with 3 weeks’ notice) to vote on whether or not our congregation is willing to participate in this program or continue to look for a part-time pastor. The church council will not be making this decision; it will be decided by our congregation members. 

So, please come to the presentation and ask questions, so your vote will be determined by what you hear, and you will then have the knowledge to make a decision for what you think is best for our congregation. 

As always, if I can answer any concerns you have, please contact me and I will answer your questions from what I know of the program. 

Thank you for your attention and your participation in this especially important matter.

Melody Hinderer, Church Council President


Thank you to everyone who contributed books and videos to our first church library.

This library system will run differently; it is the honor system.

You do not have to “check out” your book(s} or video{s}.

Please feel free to take a book(s) or video(s) home to enjoy.

All we ask is to return the book(s) or video(s) as soon as you are finished.

There are four different areas where you can find books or videos.

1.       Outside of the nursery is a bookshelf with children’s books and videos.

2.       Outside of the church office are fiction books, nonfiction books, recipe books, and videos.

3.       In the left corner of the St. Stephen’s room are Bibles and different bible reference books and studies.

4.       Also in the St. Stephen’s room is a display of books and brochures from Dr. David Jeremiah.


Books and videos are still being accepted, just place on the bookshelf outside of the church office.

Also, there are members who enjoy jigsaw puzzles. We will accept puzzles as well for others to enjoy.

History Documents and/or Pictures Wanted for the  225th Anniversary Book by May 5th, 2024 

An anniversary book, which will include a history of our congregation along with newspaper articles, pictures, church services, etc. will be distributed at our anniversary celebration on Oct. 6th. This book will not be a duplicate of our 200th Anniversary Book written by Joyce Steinman. There will be information on the formation of our church for those who do not know our church, so some of that information will be shared. If anyone has anything that our anniversary team could use for this book or for our displays please let us know. We can make copies and return your documents back to you. If you have pictures, we plan on having a display in the St. Stephen’s room and at our dinner venue. We will return all items back to their owner(s). Deadline for submitting any documents or pictures, etc. is Sunday, May 5th, 2024.


We would like to enlarge our Choir for the 225th Anniversary Worship Service on Oct. 6th.   If you would be interested, please contact Brenda Zimmerman (512-581-2691), our organist and choir director. A Special rehearsal will be held in the evening or Sunday afternoon.

Mother/Daughter Tea 

The LCW is sponsoring a Mother/Daughter Tea held on May 10th at 6 pm.  Please bring a covered dish to share. All mothers and daughters are invited.  Sign up in the St. Stephen’s Room. 

Men’s Appreciation Breakfast 

All men are invited to an appreciation breakfast sponsored by the LCW on June 15th at 9 am.  Please sign up in the St. Stephen’s Room. 

Annual Picnic

 On Saturday, June 29th at 4 pm the Annual Church Picnic will be held at Solon’s Pavilion.  Sausage and peppers with rolls will be provided by the LCW.  Please bring a dish to share - salad, side dish or dessert.  Bring enough soft drinks for your family. Come early to swim! A Sign-up sheet is in the St. Stephen’s Room.    

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry has started meeting at 9:30 am at the chrch.  We meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  If you knit or crochet and you want to join us, please do.  We have a good time making things, to comfort others.                          

Coffee Hour

The next coffee hour will be held in on June 2nd after Worship.  The June birthdays will be celebrated.  Each Sunday of the month coffee hour will be observe. There is a sign up sheet in the St. Stephen's Room for members/church teams to sponsor.

Beyond Violence/Berwick Women’s Shelter Wishlist

The LCW is collecting the following items for the Berwick Women’s Shelter for the month of April.  There is designated box in the St. Stephen’s room for the following items: cleaning supplies, diapers, pull-ups and wipes, laundry detergent, fabric softener, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates), large freezer bags, dish detergent, gift certificates to Giant or Weis, batteries (all sizes), women’s hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, large storage bins, light bulbs, towels, washcloths, foil, saran wrap, children’s clothing, food. Special urgent need for paper towels.


If you have a member of your family that will be celebrating a graduation this year, please e-mail the church or call with the graduate’s name, where they are graduating from, and what their future plans are. We would like to put their information in our newsletter. We would like to acknowledge all of their accomplishments and we wish all our graduates the brightest future God has planned for them.


We are looking for you to come join one or
several of our Church Ministry Teams! Be a part
of the many opportunities these teams provide.
We want and need you to join us in serving
God's calling with your time and talents to help
our church continue to grow in making this
place to share and express his love. Please
contact the church office if you are interested.
Worship & Music, Learning Ministry,
Stewardship, Finance Team, Property Team,
Altar Guild, Assistant Ministers, Lay Eucharistic,
Quilting, and Prayer Shawl.

We have heard time and time again about how beautiful and well-kept our cemetery is.  We often take for granted the hard work and endless hours that go into keeping our cemetery beautiful year after year.  To help
with the upkeep, please consider giving a monetary donation "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of" a loved one.  Checks can be made payable to “St. John’s Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery Association” or included with your weekly offering (please include a notation with your offering).

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts

SCOUTS BSA and Cub Scouts have resumed in-person meetings. If anyone is interested, meetings are Monday nights. For more information, contact the church office and leave a message for Jen. Scouting is open to boys and girls ages Kindergarten through High School.


All Members, to update our files, please contact the church office at 570-788-2865 or email to with your contact information, including name(s), address, phone number, email address, birthday and anniversary. 

Memorials & Obituaries

Our congregation extends our deepest condolences to the families of:

Priscilla A. Mundie (February 16, 2024)

Walter L. Bloss Sr. (December 17, 2023)

Barbara A. Wenner (October 24, 2023)

Linford W. Kuehn (October 19, 2023)

Nadine Sauer (October 1, 2023)

David Klinger (September 3, 2023)

Ernest Kuehn (July 10, 2023)

Dwight Bicking (June 23, 2023)

Constance Mae Synder (May 15, 2023)


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